Hotel DC (Underground)

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Hotel DC (Underground) Empty Hotel DC (Underground)

Post  Cookies on Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:15 pm

Hotel DC is a hotel that is completely underground. Although some teleporters may take you somewhere else above ground.

Here's some things that this hotel include as of now.
-7 rooms (4 metal and 3 wooden)
-1 ViP room (for manager+)
-Teleporter to Purepower's map
-Teleporter to Chaketote's map

Things that are going to be added.
-Sky room
-Art room

Hopefully this will be completed in the next week but unfortunately the server has been going down more often. To get a room in the hotel you will need to talk to me about one. Seeing that NFD isn't really used any more I will have to think of another way for you to purchase one.

No hotel rooms will be sold until the hotel is complete.

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