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Post  DanielNyborg on Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:50 pm

Real name:
Jørgen Daniel Nyborg Jørgensen

*Applying for:
Advanced Builder

*Minecraft name:

*How much NFD you have:
11.000 NFD

Email address(* for ops)(if u dont feel safe pm me):

*How long you have been builder/adv:
2 days Razz

*why you think u deserve adv/op:
because im a great builder and only wants the server bests

DOB (year only plz):

(for ops) *list of all the griefers you caught (need another op witness who banned them):
dont remember their names, but only a few anyway, not looking so much around me. im only building

Good Luck in getting your new position
.thanks for that Very Happy hope i can be used


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