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Buildings (DETRINEX) Empty Buildings (DETRINEX)

Post  Detrinex on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:29 am

My list of significant buildings. If you want to make your own, title it Buildings (Yournamehere).

1. Hotel Internationale-Made in "Kinbugi". Curve left until you reach the gold swimming pool, go around it, and find the wood/glass/iron building. It's connected with another building.

2. The DKB Tower-Made in "adv". Find the cloud with a statue on it. Right next to it is a giant stone building with a giant "DKB" arranged vertically over the entrance. Massive place, owned by Kinbuger, xxBaconBapxx, and I. (Det-Kin-Bap)

3. The Detrinheimm-Made in "adv". Wander around until you see a modest iron building, it'll look like it's on stilts. Break the glass at the corner to enter, and go to the second and third floor above, by using the staircase and water elevation systems.

More to be added later.

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