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Post  Detrinex on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:08 pm

1. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Build evenly. Many buildings are constructed with a door on the side, or the proportion is skewed (i.e 7x17). Try to make your structures symmetrical, and it'll look nicer.

2. Brighter =/= always better. There are "cloth" blocks in various color shades. Don't use them for your building walls, because in many opinions, it is ugly. Use wood, tree-trunks, glass, iron, or some other building material. You don't build houses out of bright green cloth very often.

3. Use VARIETY. I have seen, and I am sure others have seen one-material houses, made from stone and nothing else. If you want a brick-walled house, make the floor different.

4. Make stairways usable. Lots of stairways are horrible in that one has to constantly jump to reach its summit. In other cases, the stairway itself is done by half-step like it should, but it curves too tightly, and you cannot go up, because the character you play requires 2 blocks of space in order to move. In rare cases, the stairs jerk to an unnatural angle (i.e a path to the left when the stairway ascends to the right) and ruins the aesthetic momentum.

5. Use lava sparingly. Lava is like water, which allows vertical movement, but it's opaque, slower, and often uglier. I use them as either decorative lamps or put them inside brick ovens.

6. Water > Staircases. Water can be arranged in a column, allowing you to ascend in a compact manner, and all you have to do is go inside and hold down the space bar.

7. Builders, use your tools. Cuboids, lines, spheroids, fills, hollows, doors, whatever! It makes building easier and often better. Strike awe in the guests!

8. Make original buildings! Castles look cool, but after a while, they get boring. You've got the portcullis, moat, battlements, and maybe two furnishings. Don't make little one-room cabins either. Many buildings have some kind of twist (even a swimming pool) or have some kind of cool furniture.

9. High ceilings = High ratings. Lots of buildings look like they were built in a rush, and one of the easiest ways to tell is that the ceiling is at minimum height (two blocks high). In the adv map, kinbuger, xxBaconBapxx, and I have a mansion with 7-block high ceilings. This leaves plenty of room for big furniture and jump-space (so you don't hit your head when you try to leap to the air).

10. If you want furniture, make it easy to explain, or better yet, self-explanatory. I met a guest named kyle_qaz, who built a castle and outfitted it with brick, wood, and stone furniture, explained as "knits". Make couches, TVs, chairs, vases, chandeliers, thrones, whatever fits with the building. Don't put red-carpet sofas in a giant stone castle. Don't stick chandeliers or ceiling fans on a place with a glass ceiling. TVs in castles don't make sense, because castles are seldom equipped with electricity if they don't have 155mm howitzers to protect against the Normans, or the necessity for three-block walls.

11. If you make art, make it simple. Don't have some big knight in shining armor. Many use Nintendo game characters in 8-bit form. Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers, Link, Mario, Zelda, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Starly, Kirby, Sonic (Sega, I know. But heck, pretty similar), or the Pokemons. Complex art takes a long time, and it may be prone to griefing. Flags are pretty cool too, but don't have something like Japan or the USA or some other easy-to-draw country flag. Pakistan has been used. Do China, or the UK, the European Union, or if you're really, REALLY good, the United Nations. Only do complicated art if you're confident you won't fudge it up.

12. Big = Good. I've seen tiny little hovels that had two-block tall ceilings that were 7x7. It doesn't matter how good it is, but if you can't stand up straight, or perhaps cannot lie down without having to curl up, that's a black mark on the record.

13. If your building is bordering with another, try to refrain from knocking down part of it to give your building room. Don't build next to someone else's building just to be better, and to literally overshadow them.

14. Sponges are useless unless some idiot used active_water. In every case except Mr. Squarepants, they look ugly to many evaluators.

15. If you have two bordering buildings and they're not too different, use an access tunnel to connect them.

16. Use inspiration from others, but don't copy. You may want to use their flooring blocks, or maybe a few bits of furniture, but don't take one building and reconstruct it, block by block. Worse yet, you NEVER want to claim it as your own.

Thanks, guys! I hope these tips come in handy to everyone building in NEW FLAT.

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